Established in 1992

Since 1992 the Institute for Advanced Medical Education has been a leading provider of continuing medical education, providing practice-changing experiences for physicians, nurses, technologists and other health care professionals. IAME is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education...CME is our only business.

Mission Statement

IAME is raising the bar in CME

...through our Mission, going beyond the minimum requirements for CME and extending a vision that continues to reach new levels.


IAME's purpose is to provide educational activities that lead to improved delivery of patient care. Physician participants are provided with high quality educational opportunities designed to improve practice-based skills in different health care settings.

Target Audience

IAME serves a national audience of practicing physicians and allied health professionals. Potential physician attendees include but are not limited to specialists such as radiologists, neurologists, surgeons, cardiologists and obstetricians. IAME also serves a secondary audience that includes allied health professionals, who are also members of the health care team.

Content Areas

Content areas include but are not limited to medical imaging, cardiovascular disease, neurology and women's health.

Types of Activities

The types of activities that IAME provide are interactive learning formats; live patient assessments; live events; Internet-based enduring materials; and journal-based CME.


IAME produces educational programs and services that facilitate learning in basic sciences, diagnostic modalities, technical skills, therapeutics and patient management. Educational delivery systems are tailored to the continuing professional development needs of the participants in support of the following six general competencies: patient care, medical knowledge, practice based learning and improvement, interpersonal and communication skills, professionalism, and systems based practice.

Expected Results

IAME's goal is to provide educational activities that lead to improved patient care. The expected results of IAME's educational activities are achieved through focused medical programs that contribute to the lifelong learning of its participants. IAME relies on a variety of instruments to assess and quantify the impact of these activities on physician performance, competence or patient outcomes. Specific expected results include an increase in applied knowledge, the refinement of skill sets and the ability to apply new techniques or skills known to improve the quality of clinical practice and patient care.

(Revised February 9, 2018)


IAME is raising the bar in CME by offering educational interventions that create measurable improvements to individual practice.

IAME's Educational Formats

Live Events

  • Consultant meetings
  • Satellite symposia
  • Town Hall Meetings
  • National, regional and local meetings
  • Interactive, educational game show meetings
  • Training meetings

Enduring Materials

  • Print monographs
  • CD-ROMs and DVDs
  • Internet-based CME
  • Journal-based CME


IAME is raising the bar in CME through strict adherence to the most current regulatory guidelines. As an integral part of our program IAME's team of CME professionals offer consultative services to industry supporters to assure compliance.

These guidelines include:

  • ACCME Essentials and Standards
  • OIG Guidance
  • PhRMA Code
  • AdvaMed Code
  • AMA Guidance on Gifts to Physicians